Five Foolproof Ways to Improve your Instagram Reach

Everybody these days seems to have a desire to grow their instagram – like, yesterday. You may want to increase your loyal following as a brand, sell a product or service-based task, or perhaps you want to discover new influencers to connect with. whatever your reason may be, you are joining the masses!

 Instagram now has over 1 billion users *said with pinky turned up to the corner of my mouth*. Click this post if you want to read more on the crazy stats Instagram boasts. so, chances are your target market hangs out on instagram several times a week. That being said, creating and implementing a solid strategy is key. This will allow you to show up, be seen and heard, and give you a chance to work towards those end goals you have from using social media. 

I've Compiled 5 tips that I've learned either for my personal instagram or from accounts I've managed for clients, creative entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Now, it could seem pretty overwhelming reading through these, so let's have a quick pep-talk : after reading through these tips, you could begin by creating an action plan for each step. fair warning : These strategies take a little bit of time to discover what suits you best. However, you'll start seeing a difference in your account when you're practicing these weekly. Do the best you can with what you have an focus on quality implementation. 

 If you still are overwhelmed or want someone to help walk you through these, you can schedule a 15 minute call with me to see if you'd be a good fit for my instagram 1:1.


1. Consistency That Builds Loyal Followers.

Being consistent will set you apart from the majority. What does consistency look like, you ask? Great question! It looks like showing up at the same times on the same days to entertain, educate, and inspire. Showing up consistently will give you a competitive edge, training your followers to look for an expect amazing posts, stories, or IGTV Episodes from you. This will in turn keep you front of mind. 


"No one wants to follow an account that only shows up to only shout at you when they've got a sale or a new product." 


Think of it this way : No one wants to follow an account that only shows up to only shout at you when they've got a sale or a new product. This just feels inauthentic, skeezy, (yep, I said it.) and is just no fun for anyone. People are getting reeeeeeally good at sniffing out sales.

 There are several ways you can show up consistently to provide value for your audience.

I will cover more below on this but keep an eye out on my blogs + instagram for ways you can do this!

"Your Potential clients are checking out those tiny squares and how they're arranged - They want to see a consistent look and to learn about you in a matter of seconds."


2. Rockin' Photos That You Align With! 

When someone is first visiting your instagram they click your name and do a quick scroll to checkout yourrrr :

(fill in the blank!) ________

 YOUR GRID (or 9-grid as some may call it!) very nice job. I knew you'd get it. 

Your Potential clients are checking out those tiny Squares and how they're arranged - They want to see a consistent look and to learn about you in a matter of seconds. Yup, seconds.. 

 The photos we share on Instagram will tell the story of US – of our brands and who we are and who we hope to serve. That's a lot to keep track of! First, let's make sure that the quality is Good sans grainy photos and un-matching filters. 

A lot of times the photo taking process for our IG looks like this : 

We snap a photo or upload from our camera roll, we choose a filter at random, sometimes adjust the exposure and Contrast then call it good. While there's nothing Inherently wrong with this, there's lots of micro-factors we need to account for! Consistent lighting, similar color palettes, a captivating photo enough for the user to stop their Scrolling while on explore, hashtags, or their homepage,  but it's got to fit into a larger theme- your grid or the first impression of your brand.

3. Stand Out With Thoughtful Captions. 

While I Believe high-quality, interesting photos are the cornerstone of Instagram – *ahem it is indeed a visual platform, first* – I believe they're not enough to get by. Well, unless you're a celebrity and people just fawn over your every move.  

However, last time I checked, I wasn't on Bravo or in Hollywood soooo, we've got another set of circumstances! Not everyone can write those thought-provoking / insightful captions so if you take time and come up with a plan to write killer captions you will truly stand out!


4. Creating an Ad Strategy For Your Offerings. 

With 100 billion users on the app, there's a lot of crowding going on. Coupled with The algorithm, organic reach is increasingly difficult. Consider using an ad-strategy, Especially if you're hosting workshops, selling products, have an awesome e-mail list or youtube channel – look into what you want to increase visibility on and test it out! Try out a few different posts with varied graphics and text.

Test them against one another and see what Worked and didn't work. You don't have to put too much into this to begin – you can even just spend $5 to begin. This all just requires a mindset shift – allocating money into Instagram ads doesn't mean that you've failed at sharing your content or photos but rather it's a really helpful way to ensure that you're targeting the followers on the app that you'd like to eventually become your loyal fan base.


5. Increase Interaction With Your Followers.

Want to know the end goal of instagram? Social Interaction + engagement.

The highest virtue? Monetizing those relationships. Not in a slimy way – if you genuinely want to help others with your product and service offerings, that will shine through! 

We all know the importance of community building and targeting your ideal market but if you Don't give them a Chance to communicate with you or reply to you – then you're missing out on huge Engagement! Here are some ways you can do this : ask thoughtful questions. Start conversations that are fun to answer. Share something Relatable. Create a conversation around something you oppose. The options are endless, oh and don't forget about commenting on other's posts! Like more than 1-2 words!


There you have it! 

Thanks for reading – Remember, Take this one Step at a time! Rome wasn't built in a day. If you are consistent, authentic, and Showing up to serve – I promise you'll see incredible results over time. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed by instagram, schedule a free 15 minute clarity call with me to chat about your social media strategy and how I can help