Instagram stats you should know!

Instagram by Numbers

as of june 2018 instagram recorded a record number of over 100 billion users on the app.


  • 500 million of those users are on the app daily, spending between 15 minutes to 2 hours on it.

  • This makes instagram one of the most popular social media app in the world next to Facebook and youTube.

  • 300 million users are active on Instagram stories daily.

  • 38% of adult users are women and 26% are men who use the app to like, share, and post on instagram. 

  • 59% of IG users are between the age of 18-29 years old.

  • 33% of IG users are between the age of 30-49 years old.

  • 70% of IG Users have a post secondary education. 

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The Top Countries


The top nation present on instagram is the united states bringing in 120 million users

These are the top five nations with over 10 million users.

1. United States

2. Brazil

3. India

4. Indonesia

5. Turkey 

What's the Draw of Instagram?

According To HootSuite, users are on instagram to keep in touch with friends, to stay updated on current events, to fill spare time, and to discover entertaining content. 

80% Follow Business Accounts 

  • Many users turn to instagram for inspiration & researching purchases.

  • Over 80% of Instagram users following business accounts.  

  • 75% of those users are compelled to visit a website after viewing their posts.

  • Instagram reported that 50% of business accounts shared a story with 1/5 receiving a direct message. 

The Gist

Instagram strategy is a must nowadays for businesses. Yes, there may be plenty of other photographers, bloggers, videographers, florists, nutrition coaches – you name it – on the platform, but nobody can share their thoughts and insights like YOU. You have a unique value proposition, a story behind your brand, a one-of-a-kind viewpoint.