3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Social Media Manager

The other day I was listening to the Goal Diggers podcast 5 Secrets to Happy Clients. Jenna Kutcher was talking about ways to build the best possible service and ensure happy clients. While listening, my curiosity lingered, “how does this apply to my field of Social Media and Digital Marketing services?” I wanted to determine what the recipe was for a happy client. From steady on-boarding to signing off, I turned the table and reflected on what clients could come prepared with before hiring their next social media manager! I’ve had lots of experience as I’ve been running a service based business since 2018, and there are a few things I’ve noticed on clarity calls – things that could help the client determine which social media manager is the right fit for them! I’m happy to share these three tips openly with you, while noting that social media management is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

1. What are you selling?

I would consider this the bread and butter of any business – what are you offering in exchange for dollars? When you have this information determined, then your social media manager does not have to act as your business partner. You may have a special agreement with your social media manager as a part of product / service development team, but if you don’t – it’s not a reasonable expectation to have your social media manager determine how your business operates. Laying this foundation before bringing on someone to manage your social media creates a healthy working relationship and gives your social media manager ample collateral to learn about your business.

How to determine if you have this established : Do you know what your products are? Who do you serve? What are your price points? The exact specs about your products? Who is buying right now? How / where can they purchase the products? What industries or groups of people are you reaching?

2. What will be a success to you?

When unrealistic expectations occur – it does not set up the social media manager for success. This is a critical point because it will set the tone of the outcome of your project. To know what you want to occur during your time with a social media manager, you should know what some of your top KPI’s (key performance indicators) or goals are. Are you happy to have a consistent presence on social media or are you looking X% growth amount in sales or web traffic? Figure out what those KPIs are for you to ensure you can measure what a successful outcome looks like to you.

I can’t leave this point without saying that you must understand social media marketing is a marathon not a sprint. A good social media manager will ensure that they are moving towards your goals while working within the confines of the platforms, algorithms, budgets, and materials. A fantastic outcome from hiring a top notch social media manager could be any of these points : Creating cohesive brand presence, pivoting marketing methods, reaching new potential clients, or adding value to your followers. There is immense value in growing brand awareness, building community, and Instagram is the place to do that. Not the place for your business to shout, “BUY MY THING! SIGN UP FOR A FREE EVALUATION!”.

If you don’t : Work internally first with your team or decision-makers to have a base-idea of what those are for your brand. What is realistic for your industry? What’s an average growth rate? How can you make SMART goals? How much can you spend on a quality social media manager? Be prepared to go over a couple points from your brainstorming during a clarity call.

3. Do you know your brand & target market?

Yes, the nitty gritty details of WHO you’re trying to talk to through use of colors, fonts, images, words, vibes and more. I have this part mapped out in my Instagram Strategy Sessions because I believe it is the key to a successful social media strategy. You don’t have to have all of this determined before walking into a contract — that’s why you are hiring out the work — but a good social media manager who is an expert in branding, design, and visual elements will help you narrow in on your look. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more all have visual components, so graphic design is key to talking to your target market and standing out amongst the rest.

If you don’t : Ask your social media manager interviewees during clarity calls what their expertise is in and determine where visual elements fall in the scale of importance to you. If you need help beyond what a SMM can provide – look into a rebrand or find an online course in branding for your business!

Thank you for reading this! I hope you have learned about a few of what I consider to be the most important things to know before hiring a social media manager. If you are feeling confident that you are ready to work with a social media manager, then let’s schedule a clarity call!