Guest Blog : How to Build an Associate Photography Team with Ali Leigh Photo

Welcome! Spaid Creative Co., here.

If you are a photographer you know that multitasking is a BIG part of your job. You do the bookkeeping, editing, sessions, client relationship management, and more. You also plan and carry out an entire social media strategy, make all the graphics, post, engage, and do it all with a quick turnaround because social platforms are constantly growing and evolving.

You are beginning to feel that the demands of running a business with little to no help is not sustainable for your mental health and wellbeing. It’s not helping your business grow, either.

You are ready for a solution to work smarter not harder.

I’m not a photographer by trade, but I have helped many photographers with their Instagram and Pinterest in my business. I understand just how taxing it can be to get it all done. That is why I am sharing this blog post today from Ali, herself!

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Hear from Ali herself :

In June of 2016, I was at our family cabin feeling so much anxiety around not having any access to WiFi or my editing. Our family vacation always falls the last week of June (great timing as a wedding photog, right?!). A few days of forcing myself to relax, I was feeling a bit off and realized there’s a good chance I could be pregnant. I went to the small town, Middle of Nowhere general store to buy a pregnancy test and sure enough, YUP! There I was, sitting on the beach full of anxiety and excitement at the fact that I was going to become a mom! 

I was also wondering how the heck I’d manage all of the workload and motherhood.

I knew in that moment something had to change in my business. There’s no way I could keep shooting as many weddings as I was while maintaining the 70+ hour work weeks. I wanted to spend as much time as possible soaking in baby snuggles and couldn’t possibly continue working this much while also focusing on being a mom.

Fast forward 3 years and I’m at that same family cabin while launching an online course in the middle of wedding season. The income I’ve made from associate weddings has allowed me more freedom to outsource so I can focus on my “Zone of Genius” (AKA things I’m most passionate about and best at) and accomplish way more than ever before, while working less.

I created an associate photography team to: 

  • avoid burnout by not having to shoot as many weddings each year 

  • spend more time with my family + have more capacity for things that matter most to me

  • increase my business income so I could afford to outsource more and therefore, gain my freedom back while focusing on tasks within my “Zone of Genius” 

  • stop having to turn away dream brides 

I hear so many photographers say they struggle with work/life balance and feel like they're burning out, so I created a course to walk you through the exact steps you need to launch an associate photography team and get your sanity + life back!  We’ll cover everything from finding + hiring the right people, pricing for profit + payment structures, what to include in contracts, workflow time-savers, and so much more.