How an Instagram Bio can Connect You With Your Ideal Clients

Let me walk you through this Instagram scenario :

You find yourself scrolling through Instagram’s ‘Explore’ feature and all of a sudden, a few pretty pictures catch your eye. You then decide to click on those little squares and read the caption or go into that account to find out who posted it/ what do they do?

We’ve all been here before, right?

Most of the times, we’re clicking through photos at lightening speed, looking for something new and interesting.

It’s a great time finding new accounts that are inspirational whether through photos, words, captions, or anything else that makes you want to stick around.

What are the first things that you begin to examine, subconsciously or consciously, when you’re in this search-flow I described above?

If you’re like me and maybe 90% of other instagram users, you are checking out these things :

  1. The profile photo - who runs this account?

  2. The Instagram bio - what is this account about?

Then your eye immediately flows down the account and you see these items in no particular order :

  1. The 9-grid - does it “flow” and look inspiring / pleasing to the eye? Also, is there a photo of someone who looks like the account owner?

  2. The highlight covers - How quickly can I learn and associate what this account is about?

It sounds wild but in those few moments of looking for the answers to these questions, you’ve made an educated summary about :

  1. Who this account serves

  2. What products or services are sold

  3. Why they do what they do

Knowing all of this above and after walking through this exercise, we’ve determined the leading marketing points for your Instagram. Visitors choose to follow you based off a few key elements. That messaging should be super tight.

Let me ask you this : Why not increase the chances of making a lasting impression on our visiting instagram friends? We have to put some thought behind how everything works together. Read : your bio, highlight covers, grid, photos, etc.,

If you’re reading this or follow along with my instagram, chances are you are a business owner or someone who wants to put their best foot forward with instagram.

The problem many of y’all run into is that you lack time, understanding and perspective to try to market yourself on instagram and how to actually craft those key elements.

Analysis paralysis takes over and we don’t know how to talk about what we do, what colors to pull together, and more.

The biggest problem I see is people not utilizing the tools instagram is giving you to answer your followers questions before they’re able to ask them.

Questions like, “Is this account for me?”and “Where is this business located?” and “How can I get in contact with them?”.

After I continually noticed Instagram bios lacking these key elements / important messaging, I decided to put together a service that would solve these problems in a done-for-you service.

Enter : Instagram Bio Makeovers!

I want to put my effort into helping you maximize those 150 characters, designing custom highlight covers, and helping you perfect your first impressions. So if you are ready to take charge of your first impressions, bypass the worry + stress, and work with someone who gets you and wants others to discover you : then schedule your bio makeover below!

What’s included?

  1. Custom IG bio

  2. Highlight covers

  3. Advice on how to optimize your bio

  4. free discovery call

There is a very easy scheduler below, where you could purchase the package directly from here!

So the next time you have visitors scrolling through, looking for inspirational accounts - you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve done the best you possibly can to maximize your instagram bio to connect with your ideal clients! You may even find yourself with lots of new loyal followers once you clearly define your brand through your bio!

As always, it’s my goal to make social media as easy breezy as possible for you. You definitely were not meant to spend all your time behind your iPhone trying to figure out how To everything 100% of the time. I want to free you up from the stress and see you soar!

Ready to schedule with me? Use this easy scheduler below!

I’ve been so lucky to help several of you up your bio game so far so I wanted to share what they’ve been saying about this service and give you a chance to see if this is for you as well :

If you're feeling overwhelmed by instagram, schedule a free 15 minute clarity call with me to chat about your social media strategy and how I can help!

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you have an amazing rest of the week!