How Pinners Use Pinterest for Planning and Shopping

Pinterest: Revolutionizing Marketing and Leading Trends for Shoppers and Businesses

Social media is leading a revolution in advertising and marketing allowing businesses and consumers to interact more than ever. While Facebook and Instagram are grabbing headlines as of late – Pinterest, (yes, your mom’s Instant Pot recipe site) has also been a viable and profitable option for many businesses who pursue marketing on this social media platform.

How Pinterest Is Revolutionizing Search Engines And Life Milestones :

Pinterest is a visual search engine with over 200 million monthly active users discovering and categorizing images onto virtual moodboards. Pinners collect and catalog pins onto boards with themes. With over 175 billion pins, you will always have a healthy dose of ‘Pin-spiration’ to pull from. The most popular categories for pins are  Art, Hobbies, and Food & Drink,  but the site also offers inspiration on everything from at-home workouts to tattoos.

Pinterest users are unique from other social media platform users because of the intentionality of their usage. They are ready to seek out different recipes, incorporate fashion trends into their wardrobe, discover the latest technology, and of course, plan an incredible Cinco De Mayo party. According to the site itself, Pinners, “..find easy ideas and new twists on the traditional, for both everyday celebrations and major milestones.”, with 98% of users trying out a new idea or product found on the site.

Statistics of Pinterest Users :

  • When Pinterest began in 2010, it’s first users were not typical of other social media platforms. They were women in the midwest.

  • To date, 80% of Pinterest users are women (and the majority decision makers for household spending).

  • 40% of new sign-ups for accounts are men.

  • 40% of Pinterest users earn a household income of $100k.

  • The platform is age-diverse, as well. Users range from Millenials, Gen-X to Boomers.

Pinterest utilizes SmartFeed Technology, similar to the Facebook algorithm, that shows users pins they will appreciate the most. That means users see more of what they’re interested in as well as Pinterest suggesting new ideas that fit their vibe. Through utilizing keywords and past behaviors on the platform, Pinterest curates pins, users, products, and more to reflect and reinforce their unique style. If you’ve ever been down a three hour YouTube rabbit hole of ‘suggested videos’, you know just how effective this SmartFeed can be.

What Are Pinners Looking For?

Pinners could have a Ph.D. in planning. They begin the search for inspiration for life events two times earlier than users on other platforms with 84% of users turning to Pinterest when trying to decide what to buy. They’re essentially coming to the site looking for someone to tell them what they should purchase for any and all occasions.

Everything from Mothers Day ideas, back to school outfits, Halloween costumes, and wedding itineraries; Pinterest helps in the search process by suggesting what to purchase and where to find it, broadening knowledge of products and services available. According to a 2018 report from Pinterest, 61% of users say they’ve found new brands and products while on Pinterest.

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Image via Pinterest 2019 report showing when users begin planning for occasions.

How Do You Know If Your Business Should Have A Presence On Pinterest?

It could seem like another item to add to your marketing to-do list, but there are many benefits of using Pinterest for marketing. The exposure alone will be worth wading into the waters because unlike Facebook or Instagram where the majority of posts represent users ideas/opinions, two thirds of Pinterest posts represent brands and products.  There is a product behind nearly everything the users look at, and they’re not sick of branded content, yet. In fact, 78% welcome brand content.

People Arrive On Pinterest Ready To Spend :

You can inspire Pinner’s next purchase. Pinterest shared a case study with American Family Insurance, based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Their goal? Increase exposure and consideration of providing multi-insurance services to millennials. With one in two US millennials on the platform, it was a perfect place for American Family Insurance to start. According to Pinterest;

“Financial services are a hot topic on Pinterest. As of October 2018, there were 9.5 million Pinners actively engaging with financial services content on Pinterest. Among those engaging weekly with financial services content, 53% use Pinterest to discover financial services products on their path to purchase, and 41% made a purchase based on financial services content from brands on Pinterest.”

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Image via Pinterest

American Family Insurance created a video advertisement with Pinterest’s using creative best practice guidelines of text overlay, concise messaging, and communicating the benefits of their services.

Social Media Manager Midwest Strategist Coordinator

Image via Pinterest

Using these methods, American Family Insurance increased product awareness overall by 4.3% from their Pinterest campaign, with a 6.1% web traffic increase from the video above. These metrics are a result of a promoted pin. A recent March 2019 report from Pinterest suggested promoted pins are repinned 11 times on average per advertisement. In short, users are spreading brand awareness for you.

Pinterest Is Optimizing Shopping To Be User-friendly And Brand-focused :

With tools like visual search and shoppable pins, users can make a decision on the spot to purchase. The brand assets stop there either. In March 2019, Pinterest added the ability for brands to use brand catalogs, personalized shopping recommendations, shopping ads, and visual searches. Pinterest allows business accounts to target ads, control campaigns, view insights, and track the growth of your efforts. This is all located on the Ads Manager page in your Pinterest Business account.

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Image via Pinterest

Using Pinterest Trends To Speak To Your Target Market :

Having knowledge of what consumers are searching for gives businesses a chance to increase product visibility when Pinners are seeking inspiration. By knowing and understanding what consumers around the world are looking for,  you’ll be able to step into the Pinner’s planning process by offering the solution at the right place and time.

Trends on Pinterest may seem fleeting, but in fact, search trends give businesses informed insight into what consumers desire. For example, according to a Pinterest 2019 trends report, indoor and outdoor fireplace searches have increased by 763%.  If you’re in landscaping, real estate, or contracting, you could think about how you to use this information for marketing. For example, you could include a modern outdoor fireplace scene in your social media strategy or educate your clients on how they can build and renovate fireplaces.

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Image via Pinterest

Another example could be using insights from Pinterest’s Top 100 Trend report like bold wallpaper patterns, mustard yellow tones for home and fashion, or vertical gardens in an aspect of your business, services, or products this year. The options are endless when you choose creative digital marketing strategies, but the main idea is to meet consumers where they are at.

In Summary:

Pinterest is one of the most untapped and underestimated platforms for businesses to use, no matter what industry you are in. There is no denying marketing on Pinterest is a savvy way to speak to consumers and inspire purchases from them. The most successful brands are using this platform and pivoting their methods to interact directly with consumers.

Knowing this above, do you think Pinterest could be right for your business?