5 Foolproof Ways to Deliver Value through your E-mail list

Contrary to popular belief, e-mail marketing isn't dead and gone. You may think it's just for huge retailers or boring companies – but don't discount it quite yet! Let's chat! 

E-mail marketing is one of the most overlooked ways to convert your audience into loyal clients. Unlike social media platforms with evolving algorithms and inundated messaging, e-mails allow you to speak directly to your tribe by landing your message directly into their inboxes.

These people will be opting-in to hear from you – it's is a great way to build loyalty and trust!  No need to fret, e-mails will not rival your social media strategy – in fact, combining these two can really supercharge your reach.The primary focus will be adding value & relevant information that will benefit your audience.

I wanted to share 5 easy ways you can grow your list and add value so you can begin using e-mail marketing for your business!Side note : I'd reccomend sharing how you're going to use your e-mails when extending the invite for people to join your e-mail newsletter.You can add this above an opt-in form or after they opt-in on a welcome message. Tell them what they'll receive + what to expect when they sign up for the offer. 


1. Create an irresistible a freebie / download to exchange for an e-mail

The quickest and most effective way to exchange value! 

The key here is to make a download that relates to your business, your brand, offerings, and something that solves your target market's problems or takes a burden off their shoulders. After all, that's why you're in business right?  

This could be any of these items below :

  • A checklist

  • a video tutorial

  • A cheat-sheet

  • An info graphic

  • A quiz

  • A lesson

  • A workbook

  • A guide

  • a coupon code

  • a playlist


2. Offer a mini-series delivered through only to inboxes everyday

A coordinated and concise effort to adding value

I've seen this a bunch and LOVE this idea! This would take comprehensive coordinating and e-mail funnels – which can totally be done! However, maybe not for beginners because it could be intimidating. The key would be to map out the mini-series in details, creating a framework before you begin placing this together. That's what I would do, at least – Take it or leave it! You could link these mini series to a private Facebook group to continue the conversation and create community around the mini-series you're delivering. This would also be an amazing way to promote a course or a workshop. 

3. Write a story of an experience or customer-testimonial that is exclusive to the e-mail list

Like you're receiving an e-mail from a best friend

Keep in mind that when you're sending e-mails to your list, you're not always shouting about deals, sales, and offers. You're painting a broader picture of who you are, your brand, and going a little more in depth. Therefore, you want the e-mail to feel like it's coming from a friend – not a super-duper polished graphic (although you could!). Thinking about the e-mails I receive with people who I admire, they're all very plain, stylistically speaking. I was surprised at first about this but a friend of mine explained to me that it should look like a plain e-mail you'd get from anyone! Usually they have a white background, black text, some bold headers and a sign off. It's genius, guys! There's a strategy for literally everything we do as business owners, huh?! 

4. Surprise your list with a crazy-good gift every now and then – (a free download, or a chance to win a giveaway)

Keep them coming back for more goodies

Once you're consistently e-mailing, don't forget about gifting you're people with something awesome! This will ensure that they're opening e-mails consistently, sharing with others, and finding value in your e-mail newsletters.  

5. Share a brand new offering or product that your e-mail list will have first access to

before your social platforms or anywhere else

If you're going this route, even if every now and then, be sure to tell your people to expect this! The more you play it up, the better. Maybe you're going to release a course or a product down the road, prime your e-mail list first with lots of value and offerings! They could potentially be the first people to purchase from you because you've been focusing on building the know, like and trust factor. 

Guess what? 

Because I love y'all, I wanted to create a cheat sheet for you to use on your e-mail marketing efforts!

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