How to Find Hashtags Using Instagram Explore Feature

Hashtags are an amazing way to reach new audiences, discover awesome accounts, and to gather community. You can even choose to follow hashtags or add them to your Instagram stories!

I've heard different theories on how to use hashtags and with the Instagram algorithm changing frequently, it can be difficult to understand the BEST way to use hashtags. If you're like me, you'd like to have your work featured and build a loyal following – so what's the correct way to go about that using hashtags? 

I've either read online or heard people say these statements when it comes to adding hashtags to your posts – paraphrasing, of course.


"Use all 30 hashtags on your post, the number doesn't matter."

"You only want to use about 20 hashtags. 30 is way too much."

"5 is enough. Don't look desperate."

"Rotate your hashtags so you won't get shadow-banned." 

Does any of this make you feel dizzy?!

There's a lot much speculation out there but I want to break this down and make it simple for you.



I believe finding the best hashtags for your account is an experiment! Rotate hashtags around but don't sweat it! There isn't one precise way to go about this.

Test out different categories and record which ones bring the most engagement for you. Did you notice any new followers? Did you connect with someone in your industry? Did you get 50+ likes more than usual? Did someone reach out and ask how they can work with you?

There are many different categories including local hashtags, trending hashtags, or you could even create one. The key is to keep it simple, relevant, easy to remember with simple spelling.  

Who is to say what works best for YOU and your business until you try it out and see what engagement follows. 



Are you having trouble finding hashtags? I do this in a couple of ways! Here's one very unscientific way : I follow Instagrams of people in my industry and survey which hashtags they're using. If I like them and think it would increase my exposure, I'll adopt it into my hashtag bank. 

Something to consider here is to see if you think the content posted with the hashtag makes sense with your industry or if you believe your ideal client would be hanging out on that hashtag. 

One other brilliant way is to use the suggested hashtags at the top of the page when you've typed in one hashtag on the search bar. Confused on where to find it? See the picture below.  Do you also see the "follow" button? That's where you can choose to see posts associated with a hashtag.

Copy of Social Media – Untitled Design.png




If you feel yourself getting a headache from all of this, take a deep breath. It can be overwhelming trying to understand where to begin! I'm here to help out! I've compiled 5 hashtags that I am loving right now and using in my creative business. The best part about these? You can totally use them, too! Yes, they are "big" hashtags BUT! I find a lot of posts I love from these and have even followed people because of them.
















There you have it!

Hopefully this gave you some insight and new ideas on how to find hashtags.

Feel free to share this simple guide with friends or Pin the image below to one of your Pinterest boards! Plus, I'd love to hear your feedback – Comment below!

What do you think about hashtags?

Are they annoying or do you love them?

Which ones are you loving right now?