Are you wearing all the hats in your business + running out of steam?


feeling stressed about social media marketing with little time to change it?


✔️ You’re managing every aspect of your business from bookkeeping to boss and need some relief

✔️ You desire to feel more present with your family, friends, and loved ones

✔️ You want to enjoy an unplugged weekend without feeling guilty

✔️ You are confused about algorithms and find it exhausting keeping up with every app update

✔️ You want to add value to your followers but you’re stumped on the how

✔️ You want to grow a brand that is sustainable for you, your team, and your family


Monthly Social

What’s included?

  • Copywriting Services

  • Engagement

  • Graphic Design

  • Analytics + reporting

  • Custom content calendar

  • Strategy + check in calls

  • Access to planning + scheduling platforms

  • Hashtag kit

    *Six month commitment

Every Monthly Social Media Management client must first complete an Instagram Strategy Session.

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